Family Law

Most of us have families which are less than perfect. Many times we can resolve the issues which we may have with our loved ones through loving communication and peaceful understanding. Unfortunately, some problems just do not go away. Marriages come apart, wrongs are never made right, and constant squabbles occur over property, assets, and children are sometimes the consequence.

Here at William H. Beaumont Law, we pride ourselves in representing family law clients in the most dignified and professional way possible. We do so however, without compromising the effectiveness of our representation. We are the firm that will answer that phone call late at night; we are the firm who will take your side of the story; we are the firm that will march into court and fight for what you know is right. Too often I have heard stories of other family law lawyers who are less concerned with what they get for their client, and instead what they get from their client. We are different. From the beginning of each and every case that I accept, what I am after, my sole and honest goal, is the result which my client wants. Any attorney who practices family law who is in it only for the money is doing a grave disservice to their clients.

Family law can be difficult because most times we are forced to deal with a situation which is going from bad to worse. The couple has already moved into separate apartments; one parent will not allow the other parent to visit the child; a family member has died and their heirs cannot decide how to manage the decedent’s property; there are many examples. The task of a good family law attorney is, if possible, make things better.

Even though family law can be difficult, it is can also be one of the most rewarding experiences which a lawyer can have. In virtually no other area of law is the relationship between attorney and client so close and trusting as in family law. I have helped many a spouse navigate their way through long and acrimonious divorces; and I do that by being there for that person day after day. When you go with me and my law office, you are not just hiring an attorney. You are hiring an advisor, a confidante, and a friend. I can’t say how great it feels to hear from an old client, someone who I’ve helped in the past, calling just to say hello and “thank you” once again.

Here at my law office, we practice all types of family law. Divorce, child custody, community property, wills and successions, interdictions, adoptions, and more. I am highly skilled and knowledgable in the field and I fight for my  clients.

If you have a family law problem, and you don’t think anyone can help, and you’re reading this right now, Call Me.