New Orleans Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes family law ordeals can feel to a person like they are a car stuck in the mud: you know exactly where you need to get to, you have all the energy you need to get there, but your wheels just continue to spin in place.

When families marriages come apart or when parents need to decide between themselves when their daughter will spend the night at Mom’s house and when she will go to Dad’s, normally both sides think what they want to do is best. Many times they are often passionate about how they feel, and are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their desires. But then they have that stuck in the mud feeling: what is the law surrounding spousal support? Are your assets at risk if you get divorced? How will they be divided? People in these situations find themselves wondering what legal controls they can put on the situation.

If you are divorcing your husband and you want to know if he has any legal right to your car, or if you are wondering if your ex-wife is allowed to give back your child more than three days after it is your turn for visitation, most times a search on Google will not be sufficient to resolve the issue in a final and authoritative way. I cannot say how many times I have had potential clients walk into my office with preconceived notions that they learned online which are just flat out inaccurate.

It is normal for me to feel that a client is uncomfortable with the idea that they need someone else to help resolve their personal family situation. I think we all hope and expect ourselves to be to obtain what is best for our family on our own, without outside professional help. However, because divorce, child custody, and other family law problems can have wide-ranging and permanent effects on the family itself, Louisiana law has built into itself a series of checks and balances on the way in which these problems can be resolved. If you are having one of these problems, a family law lawyer can likely benefit your situation.

No two family law cases are alike. Each one has its own unique characters and emotions, different personalities and opinions. That is why at this law office, we treat each case that way. Every solution we generate is tailor-made to the case at hand. We won’t steam roll you with abstract legal principals and tell you what we think is best for your personal situation; we will ask you what outcomes you want and then do our best to help you achieve them.