When we practice any type of law, client communication is key to successful representation. A good family law attorney needs to know how to work with the spouse or parent and gauge their needs and desired outcomes in what can be a very traumatic experience. Only after this level of communication can be reached will a more ideal and productive settlement of a legal matter arise.

Our office is a private practice because it is exactly that: it’s size and office protocol can be focused directly on the client and their issue. It’s private because when you walk in our door and we agree on representation, you will be working directly with a lawyer – through the entire course of representation. — on a personal basis.

Family law is tough. Everybody can understand that. But if you retain competent and caring council early on in your family legal issue, your situation may be benefited considerably. You want a flexible and understanding lawyer on your side to help as a guide through what the law is and what the law means, and alsoof course to help you get through it as fast and beneficially as possible. That’s not to say that most family issues would be better if avoided, or if it is possible that they can be resolved without the court, but it is to say that an effective lawyer can help make the very best of it.

With William H. Beaumont, you will get a local lawyer, a lawyer who knows the courts and the system in Louisiana, and someone who has lived in Louisiana all his life. You will get a lawyer who has handled hundreds of cases, a lawyer who knows how local courts commonly rule in certain situations, and a lawyer who can advise you personally on what is possible and what is unlikely.

All lawyers are not the same. Give us an opportunity to prove it. We are here to help. A family law client who walks in our door is not just another paycheck: they are a person with a problem who we pride ourselves in doing the very best to help.