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As one of the premier law firms in the State of Louisiana, we believe in three core principles which we endeavor to provide to every one of our clients.

Attention.  At many law firms in this state, the client is just a number, but just a name on a contract in the file, or even worse, just another dollar sign to the lawyer.  At William H. Beaumont Law, you are not just another number.  You do not get stuck talking to secretaries and paralegals when you really want to talk to the lawyer.  What you do get is the attention which you deserve.  When you call us, we understand that you have a serious problem.  We understand that you or someone you love has been hurt.  That deserves personalized attention from a lawyer, every step of the way.  We are proud to say we provide that.

Service.  Service means a lot of different things.  Service means that what we deliver to the client is hard-work.  Service means that we understand what results the client wants, and we work to achieve those results.  It means that what we bring to the table is a willingness to turn over every stone, investigate every lead, and explore every possibility, if that is what it takes to win your case.  Service means that we undertake the task of representing you as though we were representing ourselves.

Respect.  When you come into our office, we like to think that you will feel like part of a family.  Sometimes going to a law office can be an intimidating experience.  Not at William H. Beaumont Law.  One of our main goals in the office is to make each client feel comfortable.  We are here to help, and we don’t put on superior airs.  You might see us at your local crawfish boil or at the corner store or at a high school football game.  We are Louisianans, just like you.  And every Louisianan deserves respect, an open door, and a friendly handshake.  We provide that.

Our proudly serve Louisiana in New Orleans, Metairie, and Baton Rouge.

Please feel free to browse our site.  Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.  We are only one call away.

December 24, 2012

Car Accidents and the Personal Injury Lawyer Practice

Car accidents are some of the most common accidents which one sees in a personal injury lawyer practice. One of the reasons for this is a very simple one: there are literally tens of thousands of car accidents each and every year across the country. While some people may believe that they are immune from such an unfortunate event, we must remember that we may be in control of our cars, but it is totally impossible to be in control of someone else’s. We can drive defensively whenever possible, but sometimes, as the phrase goes, accidents happen. Below are a... More...